Slyder Cup Scouting Report

Golfer Nickname Index Lowest Index Best Round Scouting Report Funny
34 Semenza, Dustin 3.7 -0.9 66 Las Colinas Currently the Nomads lowest index and back to his old form, lanky and long, phenomenal ball striker, putting typically not the strongest part of his game Showed maturity in 2009 at Matt's displaying no game when called upon but rallying to respectability
5 Seibal, Scott Bigcat 3.8 1.7 69 at Bear Creek and Wigwam Red Talent and passion, consistent big accurate driver sets up his game, putter can be streaky, sometimes hot sometimes not, almost always a top three pick, keep the Heineken's at around six per round and Scott will bring back the point Drafting Captain will make him sign agreement restricting rounds to 4 Heineken and no Jack Daniels
36 Mendoza, Alex Duran 5.5 5.2 72 Pueblo El Mirage Quietly competitive and deadly ball striker, floats between confident and nervous, used to be under the radar but Captains don't let him drop too far anymore Strange tatoo of Abe Lincoln on his chest
67 Grimaldi, Paul 5.8 2.3 68 at Aguila Paul is a lefty 'stick', an A player in the 80 player field of the TREK, one of the most consistent players in the field, quiet and funny, pleasant to play with, coaching/caddy skills still improving, typically picked early
2 Slovensky, Mark Slo 6.6 3.2 69 at Wildfire Faldo Slo makes mistakes out of nowhere giving holes away but also is known for making shots when needed, bread-and-butter is chipping and putting as side saddle one handed putter has won many a match, known for psychological warfare/strategy, can party a little too much so Captains have risk with his selection, but typically selected in top third as you'd rather have him on your team than not. Putts one handed so he can play with himself with the other.
68 Rafferty, Mike Uncle Buck 7.0 7.5
48 Hendrix, Brad BBB 7.5 5.6 71 at Stoneridge in Prescott, from tournament tees (gold) Good disciplined player, shows tremendous grit when needed, Big Brad is frequently on the winning team and will be highly coveted Has been cured of blindly taking up the loyal wingman position.
66 Kush, John 7.6 5.0 75 Brackenridge Golf Course This Texas is very competitive, drives the ball well and known as a good putter, a grinder, intense, focused
62 Bench, Randy B-Dog 7.6 7.2 A confident emotional player, a true character, Randy is fun to play with and against, not afraid of gamesmanship and is definitely a shot maker, considered one of the best captains for his 2018 victory So excited to be part of the Slyder, actually pees a little on the first tee of every round.
9 Crawford, John Crawdaddy 8.3 8.0 75 Silverado Crawdaddy, aka Steady Eddy, consistent ball striker with improved putting and handling pressure since his early days, is an excellent partner for more inconsistent teammates in best ball, has trouble putting opponents away in tight matches, lack of aggressiveness can hurt him sometimes Sidelines as a Whiskey Row Tour Guide
6 Castellanos, Al AC 9.2 3.8 73 Legacy The Nomads version of Ben Crenshaw with a come back Captaincy win in 2003. A good coach/caddie, he is very calming for high cappers, very good iron player and chipper, however is known to lose his driver in streaks and has shown to have difficulty getting confidence back once lost Known for showing tits for beeds on Bourbon Street
26 Dugas, Brad Duggie 9.7 4.9 72 at Superstition Springs with a birdie on 18 Long hitter has easy going temperament but don't be fooled he is as competitive as anyone, one arm chipper, can lose confidence and overthink, appears to handle pressure well as evident of 'The Drive' winning in sudden death in 2008 He actually owns a Blue Ox.
4 Ewing, Curt 9.7 8.7 76 @ Legacy from the back Improved play and length, manages game well, witty and fun to ride with, good team player, the most snakebit player losing quite a few matches in crazy dramatic fashion. Traumatic teeter totter accident as a young boy accounts for unusual driver setup routine
40 Fisher, Alan Chef 10.0 2.9 68 San Marcos Golf Resort...1982 Chef's index moving up with age but quietly confident and competitive Actually got a bowl of soup with his hat
64 Tripoli, Matt Trip 11.0 8.1 A 76 at Ken McDonald. I've been looking for that zone ever since. A retired firefighter, good solid all around game, great demeanor, like many, inconsistency off the tee can be lead to struggles, known for best post captaincy babysitting of Cup ever
11 Seibal, Terry Duffer 11.1 8.8 73 pine island ,minn. Very competitive, excellent iron play and determination, putting has improved over the years, a little short off the tee and sometimes a little self focused which can be good or bad, can be a finicky player to partner, captains will add Terry to their arsenal once they secured his favorite partners Has a record 11 restraining orders on him from cart girls
50 Byars, Ray 11.3 7.6 Pecan Valley GC 76 This Texan, Ray is a good athlete, loves the game and can get birdie chances on any hole, struggles to relax, great teammate, nicest guy although there's plenty of fire inside Like Pavlov's dog, trained behavior from his softball days, he trots around tee box counter clockwise after hitting big drives
74 Ritchie, Bill BMW (ultimate drivin 11.9 3.0 Former golf professional from CT, not long anymore but still straight and consistent, has propensity to birdie par threes
60 Batlle, Carlos Los 11.9 12.7 79 at Biltmore Los can hit it and will have some chances for birdie, but will also spray it and exit the there arehole early. Still has troubles with anxiety. If he can control his emotions and substance abuse, can be a productive partner. If your partner and hungry, ask him for peanuts, he keeps them in his golfbag.
44 Fitzgerald, David Fitz 12.4 12.6 77 at Talking Stick North Former pitcher for the Brewers organization, big athlete with plenty of game but lacks consistency, frequently plays with Fisher so he does not seem so old, still a relatively unknown with only one year under his belt, due to this, Captains will likely wait till a late round for selection
20 Killian, Bill Killer 12.8 10.2 73, on a very easy par 70 London Bridge East Course (Lake Havasu) just after overseeding. 5,700 yards short. Everything was tee, fairway, green, two-putt. Damndest thing golf. One of the most sought after players over 10 handicap, can lose driver but when in play has ability to birdie any hole, great pairing consistent partner, can press when behind which has led to getting blown out a few times Wears confederate flag underwear while playing in honor of Lynyrd Skynyrd and once performed a sexual act on the starter at Prescott Lakes
63 Killian, Billy Billy the Kid 14.5 13.6 82 - Whirlwind Devil's Claw Captain Billy the Kid, a hockey player, has shown a calm demeanor and some clutch in his first few years at the Slyder, still relatively new to the game, getting better and better each year
19 Janisse, Dale 17.0 10.9 76 Los Colinas Like many in his cap range, this Canadian has game but is inconsistent, plenty of length, positive demeanor which accounts for having reputation for throwing down low numbers following a bad round, over 500 record yet usually mid-to-late round pick, he is a great partner and can play with any type of personality and contribute Has more hairdos than Cher