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Scott Seibal

Member of Team Byars
"Drafting Captain will make him sign agreement restricting rounds to 4 Heineken and no Jack Daniels"


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Tournament Index: 4.3

Lowest Index: 1.7

Slyder Cup Record

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Bigcat resides in Chandler. His home course is Office. His best round is 68 Lone Tree / Legacy.

Scouting Report: Talent and passion, consistent big accurate driver sets up his game, putter can be streaky, sometimes hot sometimes not. Tough to beat when in the lead but has a tendency to not come back when struggling. Playing a ton in retirement, most at Legacy, resulting in a low index. Bigcat is typically a top three pick. Keep the Heinekens at six per round and Scott will bring back the point.


Northern AZ Course:Antelope North with its traditional layout, it has
Partner:All my partners sucked (just kidding), John Crawford and Alfredo Castellanos were both great partners and guys, it is hard to choose a favorite
Opponent:I would like to face Terry and Mike Kernagis and win. This would take some of the sting out of going 0-2 against them.

What's in My Bag?

Driver:Ping I15
Fairway:Ping G10
Irons:Titleist AP2
Putter:Callaway Tour Series
Ball:Pro VI x
Unusual:Flask of JD & Cigars

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