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Alan Fisher

Member of Team Hendrix
"Actually got a bowl of soup with his hat"


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Tournament Index: 10.2

Lowest Index: 2.9

Slyder Cup Record

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Chef resides in Glendale, AZ. His home course is Arrowhead C.C.. His best round is 68 San Marcos Golf Resort...1982.

Scouting Report: Chef's index moving up with age but quietly confident and competitive, has been on the shorter end of some close matches in the last few years, great team player that can be partnered with anyone, can server as an A player type caddie or as a complimentary B player, he will have a choice to move up a tee box which could look attractive to the Captains as Alan can still hit it


Northern AZ Course:Antelope North
Partner:Jim Pangborn

What's in My Bag?

Driver:Titelist 910 D2 (10.5)
Fairway:Titelist 910 F (15)
Irons:Ping Karsten
Putter:Ping 1/2Craz-E Long
Ball:Wilson Staff

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