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Terry Seibal

Member of Team Crawford
"Has a record 11 restraining orders on him from cart girls"


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Tournament Index: 12.8

Lowest Index: 8.8

Slyder Cup Record

Personal Slideshow

Duffer resides in Mesa. His home course is Dobson Ranch. His best round is 73 pine island ,minn..

Scouting Report: Very competitive, excellent iron play and shows determination. He has become a really good putter, especially under pressure. Sometimes a little self-focused which can turn off some partners and Captains, leading to a little drop on the draftboard due to pairing concerns. Captains will look to add Terry to their arsenal once they secured his brother (Bigcat)


Northern AZ Course:Stoneridge
Opponent:Slo or Scott

What's in My Bag?

Driver:callaway razor fit
Fairway:razor 3 wood,titleist 5 wood
Irons:cobra amp cell
Wedges:52, degree titleist
Putter:old scotty camron
Unusual:looks pretty skinny in the picture

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