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Matt Tripoli

Member of Team Grimaldi
"May be responsible for foreign substances in the Slyder Cup"


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Tournament Index: 11.3

Lowest Index: 8.1

Slyder Cup Record

Personal Slideshow

Trip resides in Tempe. His home course is Ken McDonald. His best round is A 76 at Ken McDonald. I've been looking for that zone ever since..

Scouting Report: A retired firefighter, good solid all around game, great demeanor, like many, inconsistency off the tee can lead to some struggles, known for best post captaincy babysitting of Cup ever, Matt has went 3-1 in three of the last four years and has never lost in singles , despite this seems to fly under the radar, this year's Captains would be wise to not overlook him


Northern AZ Course:Talking Rock

What's in My Bag?

Driver:Ping K15
Fairway:Ping i20
Irons:Taylormade RAC LT
Wedges:Cleveland 588 RTX
Putter:Odyssey White Ice Dart
Ball:Pro V1 or Srixon Z-star XV (yellow)

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