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Carson Gardner

Member of Team Dugas
"When he started golf, his legs where longer than his drives."


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Tournament Index: 10.4

Lowest Index: 9.9

Slyder Cup Record

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Carson resides in . His home course is . His best round is 79 Dobson Ranch - is lowest differntial..

Scouting Report: A young rookie that secretly has been trying to get into Slyder Cup for a decade, has posted over 60+ rounds with the Nomads in the last year. Carson is a tall strong athlete that can hit it a mile but can also "bend it like Beckham". He is not intimidated by this year’s field and has been doing research on all the Nomads. One obvious trend when viewing his posted rounds is that he is playing a lot and getting better. Captains will be nervous to pick him early as he has not felt the pressure of the Slyder. Carson has a great temperament and will fit in with any group. Short game is improving and avoiding Mr. 3 Wiggle is a constant concern. Looking forward to adding new young talent that is as addicted as the rest of us.


Northern AZ Course:

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