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Billy Killian

Member of Team Byars
"Closed out cup during rookie year by screaming at ball "go home""


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Tournament Index: 9.8

Lowest Index: 9.8

Slyder Cup Record

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Billy the Kid resides in Phoenix, Arizona. His home course is Biltmore. His best round is 82 - Whirlwind Devil's Claw.

Scouting Report: Captain Billy the Kid, former hockey player and the youngest Cupper, has shown a calm demeanor and clutchness in his first few years at the Slyder, relatively new to the game, getting better and better each year, went 3-1 as the losing captain (very rare) in a Slyder that went down to the end, this year's Captains will likely want to select this higher handicapper for their team sooner than later


Northern AZ Course:

What's in My Bag?

Driver:TaylorMade SLDR
Fairway:TaylorMade RBZ
Irons:TaylorMade Burners
Putter:Odyssey White Ice

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