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Brad Hendrix

Member of Team Buck
"Plays golf like a ED patient, needs pills to perform."


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Tournament Index: 6.7

Lowest Index: 4.0

Slyder Cup Record

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Triple B resides in Glendale, Arizona. His home course is Sun City CC. His best round is 68 Antelope Hills South.

Scouting Report: Good disciplined mentally tough player, shows tremendous grit when needed, with some important comebacks in Slyder history. Big Brad is frequently on the winning team, unless he is the captain, like in 2020. Playing as well as ever in last two years, BBB will be a very high selection.


Northern AZ Course:Flagstaff Ranch
Partner:Slo, McCabe, A.Castellanos or A.Mendoza
Opponent:Grimaldi, any Seibal, and A. Mendoza

What's in My Bag?

Driver:PING G25 9.5 Stiff
Fairway:PING G25 4W 16.5 Stiff
Irons:PING i20 5-PW Wht Dot, Stiff +.50
Wedges:CLEVELAND - 50,58 HOPKINS - 54
Putter:Odyssey Versa Jail Bird
Ball:Bridgestone B330
Unusual:No 3 wood in bag. Two Hybrids PING G25 23, 27

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