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Capt Byars

"Like Pavlov's dog, trained behavior from his softball days, he trots around tee box counter clockwise after hitting big drives"


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Tournament Index: 8.7

Lowest Index: 7.6

Slyder Cup Record

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Ray-Ray resides in San Antonio. His home course is Silverhorn. His best round is Pecan Valley GC 76.

Scouting Report: This Texan, Ray is a good athlete, loves the game and can get birdie chances on any hole, struggles to relax, great teammate, nice guy although there's plenty of fire inside, has struggled in some years. Until Ray finds more consistency, will likely be a later selection.


Northern AZ Course:Flagstaff Ranch

What's in My Bag?

Driver:Callaway Big Bertha Alpha
Fairway: El Diablo 5 wood
Irons:Mizuno JPX 800 5-PW Nike Covert 3 & 4
Wedges:Cleveland 48, 56
Putter:Scotty Studio Select
Ball:Pro V

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