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John Kush



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Tournament Index: 7.6

Lowest Index: 5.0

Slyder Cup Record

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John resides in San Antonio, Texas. His home course is Republic Golf Club. His best round is 75 Brackenridge Golf Course .

Scouting Report: This Texas is very competitive, drives the ball well and known as a good putter, a grinder, intense, focused


Northern AZ Course:

What's in My Bag?

Driver:Callaway Alpha Double Diamond
Fairway:Callaway BB 3 wood, X2Hot 3,4 Hybrids
Irons:Callaway Apex Irons
Wedges:Callaway PM 56, 60
Putter:Scotty Cameron Studio Select
Ball:Callaway Chrome Soft
Unusual:Levi garret

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