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Mark Slovensky

Member of Team Grimaldi
"Putts one handed so he can play with himself with the other."


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Tournament Index: 7.5

Lowest Index: 3.2

Slyder Cup Record

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Slo resides in Phoenix, Arizona. His home course is Papago. His best round is 69 at Wildfire Faldo.

Scouting Report: Slo makes mistakes out of nowhere giving holes away but also is known for making shots when needed, bread-and-butter is short game as side saddle one handed putter has saved many a par. Known for psychological warfare/strategy, Slo can party a little too much, potentially a cause for his not-so-great singles record. Captains have this risk with his selection but considering XX is on his home Summer courses and he has strung five good years in a row, he will likely be a top pick.


Northern AZ Course:Elephant Rock
Partner:Jackson, lousy roommate though
Opponent:Curt Ewing, smart, intense, focused and deliberate match play opponent and because I MAY have a few of those same attributes, our matches are always close and intense.

What's in My Bag?

Driver:Taylormade Superfast
Fairway:Adams 3W Callaway XHot 1I TM Burner 3I
Irons:Cobra Forged TEC Black One Length
Wedges:Hopkins 52 shelf 56 heel-toe and 60
Putter:Bobby Grace Switch Hitter F18 Double Face Mallet
Ball:Any high end ball I find looking for Joes

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