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Dustin Semenza

"Showed maturity in 2009 at Matt's displaying no game when called upon but rallying to respectability"


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Tournament Index: 3.7

Lowest Index: -0.9

Slyder Cup Record

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Dustin resides in Tempe. His home course is Legacy. His best round is 66 Las Colinas.

Scouting Report: Currently the Nomads lowest index and back to his old form, lanky and long, phenomenal ball striker, putting typically not the strongest part of his game


Northern AZ Course:Stoneridge
Partner:Mendoza- He's cool and calm under the gun and a solid player
Opponent:Bigcat- Haven't beat him yet, always a tough match!

What's in My Bag?

Driver:Taylormade R7 425
Fairway:Cleveland Hibore: 3W/ 2I Hybrid
Irons:Mizuno MX23: 4-PW
Wedges:Taylormade RAC Black TP: 52/56/60
Putter:Yes! Callie
Ball:Nike Platinum
Unusual:Not yet...give me a few years

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