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Bill Killian

Member of Team Dugas
"Wears confederate flag underwear while playing in honor of Lynyrd Skynyrd and once performed a sexual act on the starter at Prescott Lakes"


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Tournament Index: 11.5

Lowest Index: 10.2

Slyder Cup Record

Personal Slideshow

Killer resides in Corpus Christi. His home course is River Hills. His best round is 73, on a very easy par 70 London Bridge East Course (Lake Havasu) just after overseeding. 5,700 yards short. Everything was tee, fairway, green, two-putt. Damndest thing golf..

Scouting Report: One of the most sought after players over 10 handicap, can lose driver but when in play has ability to birdie any hole, great pairing with consistent partner who can overcome his bad holes, can press when behind which has led to getting blown out a few times


Northern AZ Course:LaQuinta
Partner:Joe Dunphy or Scott Seibal. Fun with both, Dunphy got me off the Slyder-schneid last year, Scott and I have a great time.
Opponent:Action Jackson, Crawdaddy, Jerry.

What's in My Bag?

Driver:Nike Sasquatch. Like a double cheeseburger on the end of a stick.
Fairway:Taylor made steel head, and King Cobra utility.
Irons:Callaway Fusions. Best sticks I ever had. Purchased after using loaner set in a match event and go
Wedges:King Cobra
Putter:Taylor Made Rosa Monza.
Ball:Titleist, Callaway, after that anything I grab.
Unusual:Cigar cutter and flame, sunscreen because I am borderline albino.

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