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Larry McGuffin

Member of Team Byars
"Moonlights as a background dancer with Lady GaGa"


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Tournament Index: 4.7

Lowest Index: 1.8

Slyder Cup Record

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LMac resides in Mesa, Arizona. His home course is Alta Mesa. His best round is 69 Alta Mesa......5 birdies 2 bogies.

Scouting Report: One of the strongest players in the field, loves Flagstaff Ranch and has played it well (shot 70 in 2016). Lmac experienced and plays frequently as a member of Alta Mesa. He has positive attitude and doesn't lose composure yet stays very competitive. Despite a lessor record with only one 3 win year, he is a selection favorite with good teammate reputation.


Northern AZ Course:Lakeridge Reno
Partner:Gene Miller
Opponent:Mike Kernagis, though I victory is unlikely

What's in My Bag?

Driver:New R-9
Fairway:taylormade 3W with Clevend 2i Rescue
Irons:Ping I-15
Wedges:Cleveland CC=11
Putter:White Hot #1 with oversized grip....try it you'll like it !!!!
Ball:Callaway Tour I or possibly Srixon yellow

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