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Capt Michael McCabe



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Tournament Index: 6.4

Lowest Index: 4.3

Slyder Cup Record

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Capt Michael resides in Scottsdale. His home course is Papago mostly. His best round is Legend Trail and Antelope North 71.

Scouting Report: golf addict plays all the time in retirement, streaky putter, frequently uses 3W off the tee an plenty long with it, an intense player which sometimes interferes with his caddie skills


Northern AZ Course:Talking Rock
Partner:Byars and Crawford, both are calming influences
Opponent:Uncle Buck and Jackson

What's in My Bag?

Driver:Cobra F9 “like new”
Fairway:Taylormade Burner
Ball:Titleist ProV1
Unusual:Gentleman Jack and ear plugs

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