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2006 - Seibal vs. Killian

"The Blow-Out Boys"


After three consecutive years of nail biting finishes, more anticipation of drama was in the air as the teams seemed evenly matched. Captain Terry Seibal drafted for comfort not surprisely by starting with brother Scott and coach Al. He then picked up right handed Joe, future Captain Mendoza, underrated Rick Shaffer at 10, a steal in Rob Bigelow at 12, a surprise in underplayed Janisse at 14, soft spoken but victorious Scott Harper at 16 and a big break came when high cap Jerry Pearson was replaced before the event with nice stick Gene Moats. Captain Killian's theme was experience and took two veterans in McGuffin and Slovensky out of the gate, got future Captain Buechler at 5, added youngster Semenza at 7, hero from 2005 Reid at 9, wiley veteran Jackson at 11, Crawford at 13, with Ryan Harper and our oldest rookie yet Bill Highsmith rounding out the team.

The drama quickly dissipitated as Team Seibal came out of the gate like gangbusters. Captain Terry set the tone with a one under 35 front and a point. The worries left about Dale Janisse after he and Gene upset Slo and Reid. Scott and Scott gave rookie Highsmith a rough greeting and then Bigelow threw down a two under 34 front in route to a net 60 crushing the formidable team of McGuffin/Semenza. Only the Captain himself with Crawdaddy, could drum up a point in round one for Team Killian.

Team Seibal 4 - Team Killer 1

Maybe after a few beers and a good night's sleep, Team Killer could get this thing back on track. Captain Bill went with new pairings to try and find the right chemistry while Captain Seibal left three teams the same from round one with the "if it's not broke, don't fix it" philosophy. Captain Bill along with John Buechler showed determination by taking down opposing Captain Seibal and Castellanos. Team Killer got the matchup they wanted in Reid/Harper taking on would be suicide pairing Shaffer/Harper on the difficult Stoneridge track. Be careful what you ask for as the suicide squad went 5 up through 10. However, starting with 11, Rick and Scott kamakazied the match on the back nine and Team Killer got their point.

Unfortunately for Captian Killer, he ran out of help losing more ground as the other three matches all went to Team Seibal. Dunphy/Bigs wiped up McGuffin/Jackson and Moats/Janisse took care of Slo for the second time in 24 hours despite Slo's rookie partner Bill Highsmith playing very well on the tough track. Lastly Scott Seibal and Alex Mendoza outlasted Semenza and Crawford in a close match until birdies on 13 and 16 for Team Seibal made the difference.

Team Seibal 7 - Team Killer 3

With a four point lead and looking to keep things fresh, Captain Terry mixed his pairings up except for the 2-0 team of Moats and Janisse. Like a safe cracker, Captain Bill went to the toolbox again with only one repeat pairing hoping to find the right combination to overcome the four point deficit. Again, the determined Captain Bill got his point along with the up and coming Dustin Semenza defeating previously unbeated Quaker Moats and Dale Janisse. And yet again, Team Seibal dominated over the rest of Team Killer as Mendoza and Bigelow crushed Crawford/Jackson 7&5, Scott Harper provided a 4&3 payback to brother Ryan and Bryon Reid from the morning round with the help of Bigcat. Even in the close matches, Team Seibal seemed to find a way. Dunphy and Captain Terry blew an early lead but came through big on 17 and 18 to take out the formidable team of Buechler/Slovensky. Lastly, Castellanos and Shaffer prevented McGuffin/Highsmith from a full share in a puncher's fight from beginning to end that finished all square.

Team Seibal 10.5 - Team Killer 4.5

Losing a six point lead with 10 singles matches available is roughly a 1 in 5000 shot. Needless to say both teams put golf on the back burner Saturday night enjoying poker, some music and a few drinks on Whiskey Row. On Sunday, Team Seibal cruised to the first real blowout in Slyder Cup history and the first undramatic finish in four years. After being part of 3 of his team's 4.5 points, under insumountable odds, even Captain Bill lost his determination, losing to Bigcat's one under thumping 7&5. Vegas Bigelow finished off a stellar week by crushing the weiry traveled Bryon Reid 5&3. Crawford assisted making Alex Mendoza the 2007 Captain by losing to him once again 3&2. For Team Killer, Dustin cruised to a 5&3 victory over Dale Janisse and Larry McGuffin took out Captain Terry to ease the pain a little.

Despite the lack of team drama, a few exciting singles matches did surface. After Action Jackson declared a Shaffer draw a guaranteed victory, Rick fed Action his 4th loss of the week and a large slice of crow. Down 3 to Ryan with 5 to go, Al wins 4 holes in a row to go up 1 only to lose 18 back to Ryan for the only all square singles match. In another comeback, Slo, down 4 after 5 holes throws a motivating tandrum and wins 8 of the next 10 holes going 1 over in an 11 hole stretch to defeat Gene Moats. Finally, in one of the best played singles matches ever, Joe Dunphy shoots 75 to barely outlast rookie Bill Highsmith's 84 in the first 'Shirt Off My Back' match in Slyder Cup history.

As for Team Killer, the buzzsaw that is Team Seibal II chewed up most of them. Captain Bill was stellar in defeat going down with the ship. 2007 Captain John Buechler had his best tourney to date and despite a losing record, rookie Bill Highsmith played very well and represented sportsmanship and attitude we should all emulate. From the starting gun till the finish, Team Seibal ran away with the cup with blowout after blowout playing unbelievable golf. Many of the crew posted some of their best scores ever. Bigelow was off the charts awesome. Team Seibal I Captain Scott was dominant shooting 76, 72 and 71 to help his brother make sure that cup has a victorious Team Seibal in place. Founder Joe Dunphy, back right handed, went 4-0. Underplayed Dale Janisse had a great week and lastly, 2007 Captain Alex Mendoza confirmed his place as one of the tournament's outstanding players. Team Seibal II will be known for the most dominating performance to date.

Team Seibal 16 - Team Killer 9

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