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In May of 1999, Joe Dunphy participated in his first Ryder Cup style event, the Desert Hunt Invitational. He played well that first year and was chosen Captain for 2000. In September of the same year, Joe sat greenside and was part of the erupting gallery in Brookline, Massachusetts, watching Justin Leonard hole a 45 foot birdie putt to cap off an unbelievable comeback by the Americans to overcome a 4 point European deficit. In May of 2000, Mark Slovensky filled in at the Desert Hunt as a member of Team Levey, the opposition to Team Dunphy. Mark and Joe have battled on the course for almost one thousand rounds but this was the first in a team format. Mark played well his rookie year and was one of the reasons Team Dunphy's run on Singles day was not as successful as Crenshaw's at Brookline.

These influences were forefront as Joe and Mark, on the trip home from Palm Springs in May of 2000, decided to bring exhilarating team play in the Ryder Cup format to the Desert Nomads. Joe had always used the phrase 'looks like a slider' to describe an important but short putt with subtle break. The obvious phonetics along with a small spelling change and the Slyder Cup has born.

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