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2005 - Harper vs. Shaffer

"Nice Reid"


Team Shaffer got off to a quick start with Crawford/Mercer and Semenza/Seibal grabbing early points. McGuffin/Pearson kicked in a third point from the fourth group but Slo's 73 batting cleanup kept Team Harper from getting too far behind. Team Shaffer 3.5 - Team Harper 1.5

Greensome proved a more friendly format for Team Harper taking 3 of the 5 points available. Veterans looked to be the difference as Scott Seibal (with Janisse), Kernagis (with Bigelow) and Dunphy (with Killian) all won for Team Harper. Veterans were good for Team Shaffer as well with Castellanos and Captain Shaffer grabbing a point. Wiley old veteran Jackson with partner Mendoza then made a dramatic birdie on 18 at Stoneridge for the victory in a well played match with 7 natural birdies. Team Shaffer 5.5 - Team Harper 4.5

For the second year in a row, storms came in to Stoneridge in the afternoon. This year, however, all the matches were in full swing before the storm hit. With the cooperation of Stoneridge management and to the dismay of late night Whiskey Row hopefuls, it was agreed to finish the matches on Sunday morning with a shotgun start. Bill Killian, aka Joe Namath, predicted a victory over Glen Jackson and Doug Mercer and took the point and the $20 Jackson took from Slo the previous day. Rookie, Rob Bigelow, from Las Vegas, like Stoneridge the second time around and defeated solid Jerry Pearson why night owls Slo and Crawford watched on. Captain Shaffer would not let the slide continue teaming up with Larry McGuffin for a much needed win. Castellanos along with future Captain Terry Seibal provided another point and an unbelievable effort by rookie, Dustin Semenza, getting birdies on the last three holes accounted for split point and get Team Shaffer up 1 going into Singles.Team Shaffer 8 - Team Harper 7

With a one point lead, Team Shaffer looked real good after the first group provided two points as Jackson crushed Janisse and Mercer took down Perdue. Luckily for Team Harper, he had Mike Kernagis in the next slot and if any course is his, it is Antelope North. Despite Crawford making a run, Mikey started a 3 point run for Team Harper. In the rookie battle, Bryon Reid used a hot putter to squeak by Dustin Semenza 1up and Bill Killian outlasted Jerry Pearson in another 1up match that brought Team Harper even with Team Shaffer. Captain Shaffer then took care of business by upsetting Scott Seibal. Another upset by rookie, Alex Mendoza, over Slo gave Shaffer yet another point. But just like Ali Frazier, Team Harper always kept swinging back and threw down their own upsets as Captain Harper took out Castellanos and rookie, Rob Bigelow, won over the formidable Mr. McGuffin.

All square with one match to go. Terry Seibal found himself in another pivotal gallery viewed match for the second straight year. With opponent Joe Dunphy up one, Terry's fortune reversed from 2004 as Dunphy's fairway wood approach sailed left OB and Team Shaffer got the half point to send the match into sudden death. Team Shaffer 12.5 - Team Harper 12.5

The Captains decided on their best ball teams for hole #1. Team Shaffer sent out Larry McGuffin and Alex Mendoza. Team Harper sent out Scott Seibal and Bill Killian. With Mendoza in the left trap, McGuffin sent a clutch iron over the enormous tree left of the fairway to approximately 16 feet. Both Seibal and Killian had long birdie tries but neither threatened the hole. McGuffin, with a putt for the win, didn't find the hole and Slyder Cup Five moved on to the par 5 #2.

Team Shaffer sent out experience in Castellanos and Jackson. Team Harper went with ace, Mike Kernagis, and to the surprise of many, rookie, Bryon Reid. Poor tee shots put Team Shaffer in a bind, but after Action Jackson put a third shot 3W greenside things were looking up. After a huge drive, Kernagis put his approach in the left bunker. Team Harper's Bryon Reid then hit a beautiful 6I to about 10-12 feet. Jackson followed with a nice chip to 3 feet below the hole. After a mediocre sand shot by Kernagis made him irrelevant, Reid had his 10-12 footer with a decent break for the Slyder Cup victory. Like he had done many times earlier in his match with Dustin, Bryon made the right 'Reid' and sunk the putt causing a Team Harper eruption of victorious celebration.

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