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2004 - McGuffin vs. Paulson

"Even till the End"


Captain Paulson started things off by chalking a point behind a 73 and favorite partner, Ryan Harper, at Prescott Lakes. Slyder Cup Four showed its 'all square' demeanor early with Slovensky and Pearson firing back to even things up. Right in line came Team Paulson's Scott Squad (Seibal-Harper) with a point taking advantage of Captain McGuffin's squirrelly play. Again back to even as in the fourth group Mike Kernagis came out strong while partner John Perdue finished their point off on the back nine. Fittingly, the fifth and deciding group came in with a tie thanks to a missed shot in the dark on 18.

The inaugural Greensome round again proved these teams were evenly matched. Both Captains went down along with the Harper brother team. Rookie, Bill Killian got a taste of the Slyder Cup pressure by missing a wedge on 18 that cost his team a point. The match of the morning, however, was Glen Jackson pairing with Dale Janisse. After finding themselves down five, they pulled up the boot straps and decided to shoot even par on the back nine to come away with a valuable half point against Kernagis/Pearson.

A break for lunch did not bring a break in the clouds as for the first time in Slyder Cup history, a round was rained out. A few teams got far enough to hide in a tunnel or bathroom but the weather never stopped and the course was ruined. Since the match was all even and no team lost an advantage, the Whisky Row bars benefitted from an early crowd and no one else got hurt.

Like the Greensome, another first in the Slyder Cup was the President's Cup pairings instead of blind draw. Due to the tie going into Sunday, the Captains took it another step further and matched the field up as evenly as possible reducing the strokes in any match to just a few. The result was not a surprise, down to the wire. Despite not playing well all week, Captain McGuffin took out Captain Paulson on 16 to put his team up one. With the Slyder Cup on the line, three matches were still undecided, on the 18th hole and all square. With gallery in place, the first to fire a shot was John Perdue, capping an undefeated weekend, threw his approach onto the 18th green to put Team McGuffin up two. Dormie, Team Paulson needed victories from Terry Seibal and Ryan Harper to send the Cup into sudden death. Seibal had put his drive behind the left trees and setup to make a tough shot through the trees. The trees knocked down what looked like a well struck ball and Terry's approach dropped almost straight down from the tree which it hit. The Gallery thought that was over until the determined Seibal rifled another approach through the trees that landed about 25 feet from the pin. With Killian in with 5, if Terry could make the putt it would give Harper, standing in the 18th fairway, a shot to tie the match. A solid stroke by Seibal, the putt slid off its line late. Team McGuffin had finally broke the 'all square' weekend and won Slyder Cup Four.

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