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2003 - Castellanos vs. Seibal

"Seven Points on Sunday"


Talking Rock - Four Ball

Slyder Cup Three started with rain. A storm quickly shortened those trying to get a practice round in at beautiful Talking Rock, the private track blessed with our first four ball matches. The storms cleared just in time and Paulson/Wilson faced off against Slovensky/Seibal in the lead group. As the first group headed toward the green, Joe 'Johnny Miller' Dunphy entertained the crowd by powdering his first drive. We got our first glimpse of the gorgeous leaderboard with our own Vanna White, a leaderboard that read Team Seibal 3 - Team Castellanos 2 at the end of Round 1.

Antelope South - Foursomes

Only one point back should be nothing to worry about for Team Castellanos but Alternate Shot proved to be a weak spot as Team Seibal loved the format grabbing three victories while in the other matches the Team Seibal's pairings of Dugas/Miller and Slovensky/Emery both came from behind to grab vital half points. Team Seibal 7 - Team Castellanos 3

Prescott Lakes - Four Ball

Down four points, Captain Castellanos threw together some unfamiliar pairings but anchored with a very familiar one. The strategy worked as former winning Captain Kernagis along with Doug Mercer started things off with a win in the first foursome. Terry Seibal, having another solid Slyder Cup, along with Gene Moats put a chink in the momentum with a win in the second foursome. However, former winning Captain Joe Dunphy along with Gary Huehnerfuss pulled off an upset tearing a half point away from Captain Seibal along with his first mate, Curt Ewing. It was the only points that Captain Seibal would relinquish all weekend. Even Captain Castellanos decided to join the point party getting his only halve point of the tournament with Rick Shaffer. Finally, future Captain Paulson sparked Ryan Harper and the old duo grabbed the last point. Team Castellanos would cut that four point lead to three leaving them in striking distance for Singles Sunday. Team Seibal 9 - Team Castellanos 6

Antelope North - Singles

With a three point lead and an early red leaderboard, things were looking pretty good for Team Seibal. Captain Seibal led his troops winning easily as did rookie teammate Brad Dugas. In the first group, brother Terry again looks out for Captain Seibal and wins his second straight singles match over opposing Captain Castellanos. Grabbing three points and needing only four to win, there were plenty of close matches that would surely go Team Seibal's way. However, like the afternoon before, former winning Captains Kernagis and Dunphy rallied the blue with blowout victories. Then, in a matter of minutes, things got crazy. The first upset came in the lead group with Gary Huehnerfuss pulling off 18 and taking down Dancin Larry sending shockwaves through the leaderboard and a message to Team Seibal that this Cup was not over. Jeff Emery played brilliantly for Team Seibal but the experienced Chris Wilson came back from down two to get another blue point. Gene Miller had Shaffer reeling down the stretch but a missed two footer on 16 and his comeback came to a screaching halt, another blue point. A minute later, despite Scott Harper's gutsy performance, Mike Paulson finished him off on 17, yet another blue point.

It all led to the Curt Ewing/Doug Mercer match on 18, the last match in progress, deciding the Cup with full gallery in attendance. After a poor drive, Curt's second shot hooked behind a tree on the hole's left side approximately 118 yards out. Doug had a decent drive and safe approach putting him just short of the 18th green in two. Deciding between a low punch hook or to take a chance with an iron through the tree limbs, Curt's low hook came up short of the green. With Doug on in three and Curt on in four, Curt gave his 20 foot putt an aggressive run for bogey but missed leaving Doug with a relatively easy two putt for the victory. Team Castellanos had pulled it off, "Seven Points on Sunday", and as thoughts of what could have been glossed the faces of Team Seibal, Team Castellanos raised the Slyder Cup in victory. It was their time to dance.

In a surreal exit from Antelope Hills, the rain that had stopped before the start of Slyder Cup Three, started again signifying the end of the most dramatic Slyder Cup to date. Team Seibal 12 - Team Castellanos 13

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