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2001 - Dunphy vs. Slovensky

"Woosie Beginning"

The inaugrual Slyder Cup went almost as well as a first year can go. Captains Joe and Slo drafted their squads over some beers and bean dip at Serrano's on Gilbert and McKellips after a round with Terry Seibal. "Ice" (otherwise known as Leather Tuscadero) entertained at Trilogy the same day she brightened the Pope room at Buca De Beppo where a bunch of golfers weren't sure what was ahead for them in the next few days. On Friday, Mike Paulson started the golf off with two eagles in round one helping put Team Slo up 3-1 but Team Joe showed that with Johnson and Ewing this was not going to be a lopsided tournament. That night, Slo's singing and Paulson's obnoxiousnous kept the troops entertained. The next morning, coinciding with Ian Woosman at the British Open, Roger "Woosie" Pickar, had to many clubs and not enough beer mugs on Antelope South, as Team Joe got within a point (3.5-4.5) but Captain Slo's keen sense for locating ace Scott Seibal in the lineup and throwing the formidable Kernagis/Seibal twosome at him stopped them from sweeping. The afternoon was all Team Joe, even the lost match, thanks to the Captain's now famous 'immaculate deflection'. Team Joe assumed a point lead going into what looked to be a possibly dramatic Singles Sunday 6.5-5.5. The Kitty Kitty Band was the main attraction on Saturday night as Jensen reached out to helped race relations and some dude reached out for Bigcat's package. On Sunday, unfortunately for Team Slo, Prescott Lakes was too tough for his high handicapped crew and Team Joe rised to the challenge and stomped their rivals out finishing 13-7 in the inaugural event. The celebration dinner at Murphy's was fantastic and showed an incredible contrast that typifies what this event is all about. That a bunch of unsure golfers who didn't hardly know each other just four days prior, were enjoying the end of a great weekend like they had been friends for years.

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