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Match History for Mark Slovensky
Year  Date Type Course Partner Opponent A Opponent B Result Margin Story
2023 08-27 Singles Antelope North BelcherA Win 4&3 Slo the veteran puts on a short game clinic to fend off the youngster's hopes of knocking off the King
2023 08-26 Four-Ball Stoneridge JainV DugasB TripoliM Win 3&1 Capt Dugas and Trip had an upset in the works
but VJ and Slo righted the ship on the back to advert the upset
2023 08-25 Four-Ball Prescott Golf Club SeibalT MendozaA SteinbeckW Loss 1up Slo misses a gallery watching baby as he and Terry's comeback falls short
2023 08-24 Greensome Antelope South RaffertyM SeibalS WinandS Loss 4&3 Bigcat with Stan the caddy can't miss while Buck has a hangover from 2022
2022 09-25 Singles Sand Hollow SeibalS Win 4&3  
2022 09-24 Four-Ball Ledges JanisseD KushJ BatlleC Halve AS  
2022 09-24 Greensome Ledges JainV DunphyJ CrawfordJ Halve AS  
2022 09-23 Four-Ball Sand Hollow BelcherA McGuffinL ByarsC Loss 3&2  
2021 08-29 Singles Flagstaff Ranch CrawfordJ Win 2&1  
2021 08-28 Four-Ball Elephant Rocks JanisseD MendozaA CastellanosA Win 3&2  
2021 08-27 Four-Ball Flagstaff Ranch GrimaldiP DugasB ByarsC Win 3&2  
2021 08-26 Greensome Pinewood SeibalT HendrixB TripoliM Win 3&2  
2020 09-27 Singles Lake Arrowhead Lakes DompierC Win 3&1  
2020 09-26 Four-Ball Lake Arrowhead Pines KillianB ShawR JanisseD Halve AS  
2020 09-25 Four-Ball Lake Arrowhead Lakes Killian, JrB HendrixB FisherA Win 2up  
2020 09-24 Scramble 2man Lake Arrowhead Pines BatlleC MendozaA CrawfordJ Loss 2&1  
2019 08-25 Singles Elephant Rocks SemenzaD Loss 6&4  
2019 08-24 Four-Ball Elephant Rocks FitzgeraldD CastellanosA SeibalT Win 2&1  
2019 08-24 Greensome Elephant Rocks JanisseD KushJ ByarsC Halve AS  
2019 08-23 Four-Ball Flagstaff Ranch SteinbeckW BuechlerJ SeibalT Win 3&2  
2018 08-26 Singles Prescott CC CrawfordJ Loss 7&6  
2018 08-25 Four-Ball Elephant Rocks JanisseD KushJ ByarsC Win 4&3  
2018 08-24 Scramble 2man Stoneridge JacksonG DunphyJ SeibalT Loss 1up  
2018 08-23 Four-Ball Wickenburg Ranch JanisseD SeibalS MillerG Win 5&3  
2017 08-26 Singles Inn of the Mountain Gods CastellanosA Win 3&2  
2017 08-25 Four-Ball Inn of the Mountain Gods BenchR EwingC DunphyJ Win 4&3  
2017 08-25 Scramble 2man Inn of the Mountain Gods BenchR SeibalS EwingC Win 2&1  
2017 08-24 Four-Ball Red Hawk Killian, JrB RaffertyM DunphyJ Loss 2&1  
2016 08-28 Singles Flagstaff Ranch CastellanosA Win 5&4  
2016 08-27 Four-Ball Verde Santa Fe Golf Course EwingC GrimaldiP ByarsC Win 4&3  
2016 08-26 Four-Ball Elephant Rocks BuechlerJ BenchR KillianB Loss 5&4  
2016 08-25 Scramble 2man Flagstaff Ranch ShafferR McCabeM KillianB Win 3&2  
2015 08-23 Singles Flagstaff Ranch ByarsC Win 4&3  
2015 08-22 Four-Ball Flagstaff Ranch TripoliM BenchR BatlleC Halve AS All four players contribute to a great match finishing with all four with great approaches in front of the gallery. Batlle hits the longest of the four putts with Tripoli making the closest to keep the match all square.
2015 08-21 Four-Ball Flagstaff Ranch JanisseD HendrixB EwingC Win 1up Hendrix plays great but Slo wins the 17th hole (12) to go 1 up while Janisse seals the deal with a well played 5 on 13.
2015 08-20 Scramble 2man Flagstaff Ranch ShafferR BenchR ByarsC Win 2&1  
2014 08-24 Singles Flagstaff Ranch CarrS Loss 5&4 Slo has to look at the previous number of losses and shake his head saying how did I lose that dude
2014 08-23 Four-Ball Elephant Rocks GowanJ BuechlerJ RobertsonM Loss 2 up Robertson crazy solid including a chip in on 14 to keep a Slo run at bay
2014 08-23 Greensome Elephant Rocks JacksonG SemenzaD EwingC Loss 1 up  
2014 08-22 Four-Ball Prescott Country Club JanisseD BuechlerJ EwingC Win 2 up  
2013 07-28 Singles Flagstaff Ranch HendrixB Loss 3&2  
2013 07-27 Greensome Elephant Rocks JacksonG CarrS MartellJ Win 3&2  
2013 07-27 Four-Ball Elephant Rocks GawlikT RobertsonM JanisseD Win ?  
2013 07-26 Four-Ball Flagstaff Ranch JacksonG DunphyJ SteinbeckW Loss ?  
2012 07-22 Singles Talking Rock BuechlerJ Win 1up  
2011 07-24 Singles Talking Rock ShawR Loss 2&1 A great match of ugly shots and awesome shots, unforced errors and clutch strikes, Bold matches Slo's phenomenal approach on tough 14 to hold him off, Bold give Slo 15 and after Slo puts a momentum filled iron 18 feet from 16, Bold drops it to inches for a tap in birdie and a one hold lead. Slo, not a stranger to comebacks, chokes miserably on 17 and the lost ball seals his fate with Bold pulling off the upset.
2011 07-23 Four-Ball Antelope North CrawfordJ EwingC SeibalS Win Slo plays well establishing lead but Bigcat goes par, birdie, eagle when dormie then sticks iron 3 feet above hole on 18 for final birdie. One problem, Crawford drains 80 yard third shot for birdie in front of gallery. Game Over
2011 07-23 Greensome Antelope South KillianB DugasB ShafferR Loss 3/2  
2011 07-22 Four-Ball Stone Ridge FisherA MendozaA ShafferR Loss 5/4 Captain Fisher and Slo struggle on the front, Slo makes a run but too little too late against Alex and Rick who both play solid in make shots when needed
2010 07-25 Singles Talking Rock FisherA Loss 3&2  
2010 07-24 Greensome Antelope South ShafferR DunphyJ MercerD Win 5&4  
2010 07-24 Four-Ball Hassayampa ShafferR CarrS MercerD Win 1up  
2009 07-26 Singles Antelope Hills North SeibalS Loss 1up After 5 match was back and forth with no one up more than one hole, even on 18 and both players on front fringe, both players disappointed that blow out team situation made this match irrelevant, Bigcat lags better than Montie for the 1up victory
2009 07-25 Four-Ball Hassayampa SemenzaD SeibalS PaulsonM Win 4&3 Captain Janisse questionably throws his best two Bigcat and Paulson out together drawing Semenza and Slo in the main event of the afternoon, Semenza tough with Slo kicking in a few giving Team Mercer the crushing upset
2009 07-25 Greensome Stoneridge CastellanosA MendozaA EwingC Win 3&2 AC and Slo pair up for first time and are never threatened.
2009 07-24 Four-Ball Prescott Lakes JainV SeibalS EwingC Win 1up Curt makes clutch putt on 17 to send match to 18 where VJ chips in save the victory
2008 07-26 Singles Antelope North CrawfordJ Win 4&2 Another poor start for Slo, down three after six, mean rally for second big comeback in two years
2008 07-25 Greensome Antelope South JacksonG SeibalS SeibalT Win 4&2 One OB shot from a perfect storm as Captain Jackson and Slo alternate to shoot a two over 74
2008 07-25 Four-Ball Prescott Lakes BeatonD CastellanosA SeibalT Win 4&2 With AC losing his swing and Slo relegated to reading Beaton's putts, Beaton was unbelievable with the putter making everything in sight
2008 07-24 Four-Ball Prescott CC BigelowR DunphyJ ColaricJ Loss 3&2 Tight match until Colaric's first eagle of his career trumped Slo's birdie to stop any back nine run from happening
2007 07-29 Singles Antelope Hills North SeibalS Win 3&1 The turn of strokes at North put Bigcat in a hole that he wasn't quite able to come out of.
2007 07-29 Four-Ball Prescott Lakes JanisseD SeibalS SeibalT Loss 1up Longest match in Slyder Cup history, Slo's determination falls short after Bigcat hits huge putt on 17 to stop the momentum
2007 07-28 Greensome Antelope Hills South HighsmithB SeibalS MercerD Win 2&1 Tight match but Bill's iron on 15 was the dagger
2007 07-27 Four-Ball Prescott CC JanisseD SeibalS ShafferR Win 3&1 Missed opportunity for comeback on 16
2006 07-23 Singles Antelope North MoatsG Win 3&2 Down 4 after 5, Slo throws fit and wins 8 of the next 10 holes going 1 over on next 11 holes
2006 07-22 Greensome Stoneridge HighsmithB MoatsG JanisseD Loss 2&1 Dale and Gene take it to Slo again
2006 07-22 Four-Ball Stoneridge BuechlerJ DunphyJ SeibalT Loss 1up After blowing a big lead, Captain Terry comes through on 17 and Joe on 18
2006 07-21 Four-Ball Prescott CC ReidB MoatsG JanisseD Loss 3&2 Janisse front nine could not be overcome
2005 07-24 Singles Antelope North MendozaA Loss 3&2 Alex wins match and gains a penny
2005 07-23 Four-Ball Stoneridge BigelowR CrawfordJ PearsonJ Win 5&3 Pearson by himself as Crawford was a no show
2005 07-23 Greensome Stoneridge HarperR JacksonG MendozaA Loss 1up Well played, 7 birdies with Jackson holing the last on 18 for the victory
2005 07-22 Four-Ball Prescott Lakes ReidB CastellanosA MendozaA Win 2&1 Well played match, but Slo's 73 and 5 birdies with Reid too much.
2004 07-25 Singles Antelope North JacksonG Win 2&1 Slo the sandbagger needed his strokes
2004 07-24 Greensome Stoneridge ShafferR HarperR HarperS Win 3&1 Gutsy effort by the Harper brothers
2004 07-23 Four-Ball Prescott Lakes PearsonJ CastellanosA SeibalT Win 6&4 Never a doubt
2003 07-27 Singles Antelope North DunphyJ Loss 5&4 Never give 6 strokes to your coach
2003 07-26 Four-Ball Prescott Lakes HarperS CastellanosA ShafferR Halve AS  
2003 07-26 Foursomes Antelope South EmeryJ CrawfordJ MercerD Halve AS Slo prays for half point and Emery delivers
2003 07-25 Four-Ball Talking Rock SeibalT PaulsonM WilsonC Loss 6&5 Paulson flawless
2002 07-28 Singles Antelope North HarperR Loss 7&6 Slaughter record
2002 07-27 Four-Ball Prescott Lakes SeibalT DunphyJ HarperR Win 3&1 Dunphy does everything possible to no avail
2002 07-27 Foursomes Antelope South SeibalS CastellanosA HarperR Loss 4&2 Nice upset causing Slo death
2002 07-26 Four-Ball Stoneridge MatthewsW CastellanosA BuechlerJ Loss 4&3 Oil and water
2001 07-22 Singles Prescott Lakes BuechlerJ Halve AS Cussin, club throwin brawl ending in a match concession
2001 07-21 Four-Ball Antelope North PickarR JensenM EwingC Loss 3&2 Pickar to wasted to chip in with Slo
2001 07-21 Foursomes Antelope South ShafferR JensenM CastellanosA Halve AS Shaffer shows his short game
2001 07-20 Four-Ball Prescott CC PickarR EwingC JohnsonM Loss 2&1 Johnson tops Slo shot for shot, Ewing pars to stop run

Record Summary

Foursomes 0 – 1 – 2 (33.3%)
Four-Ball 23 – 15 – 4 (59.5%)
Singles 22 – 17 – 3 (56.0%)
Overall Record 45 – 33 – 9 (56.9%)

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