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Chris Dompier

Member of Team Fitz
"Has Slyder Cup record for shorest drive."


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Tournament Index: 5.8

Lowest Index: 3.6

Slyder Cup Record

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Domp resides in Scottsdale, AZ. His home course is Grayhawk. His best round is 73 at Forest Highlands (green tees).

Scouting Report: Domp is a powerful driver of the golf ball, solid short game and steady putter. He can spray it at times and can be an overthinker. Member at Forest Highlands so the trees of Flagstaff Ranch should be familiar. After a nervous start in his rookie 2020 Slyder, only had one loss (two ties) and played well showing resilience. With a year under his belt, Captains would be foolish to not give Chris a good look in the top part of the draft.


Northern AZ Course:Forest Higlands
Opponent:Time Clock Apparently!

What's in My Bag?

Driver:G400 Max
Irons:Callaway Apex Tour 3-PW
Wedges:Callaway PM grind
Putter:Scottie Cameron Newport
Unusual:Something to nip on?

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