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Rick Shaw

"Can't wait to try the Prescott greens, known for their hybrid nature, a cross of Kentucky Bluegrass, Featherbed Bent, and Northern California Sensemilia."


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Tournament Index: 15.0

Lowest Index: 13.2

Slyder Cup Record

Personal Slideshow

Bold resides in In a Boathouse on Apple Valley Lake,Howard,OH IO. His home course is Chapel Hill. His best round is 75 Hiawatha GC(way back in the 90's).

Scouting Report: Captain Bold made Slyder Cup history as being selected as Captain after his rookie year and subsequently was victorious, a little bit of a partier but has showed grit and the ability to make shots under pressure, easy going disposition make him easy to partner and has improved game this year, last played in 2014 going home 0-4 with his tail between his legs, after licking his wounds along with the cancellation of the Buckeyes schedule , the Captains likely won't make take a chance on his return with too high of a selection


Northern AZ Course:Stoneridge(I get the Shaffer discount)
Partner:The Volcano/JB/Big Cat/Walt
Opponent:Slo anytime/anywhere

What's in My Bag?

Driver:Taylormade Rocketballzzzzzzz 9.5
Fairway:Taylormade Rocketballzzzzzzz
Irons:Taylormade Rocketballzzzzzz RBZ Max
Wedges:Cleveland 588 56 degree and Hopkins Wedge if Slo ever mails it to me
Putter:Taylormade White Smoke
Ball:Pro V1
Unusual:I carry a left and right handed putter and left and right handed cigarettes

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