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2012 Draft

1. Seibal, Scott by Captain Shaw, "Let the games begin!!Big Cat goes no#1 to Team Bold"
2. Semenza, Dustin by Captain Hendrix, "The man, the legend. Better then two bold picks."
3. Mendoza, Alex by Captain Hendrix, "Only guy with a green card, so he knows them"
4. Bobadilla, Sonia by Captain Shaw, "2nd year in a row winning leaderboard girl!!"
5. Shaffer, Rick by Captain Shaw, "My little buddy,workin less,playin even less golf WFT??"
6. Inmon, Rick by Captain Hendrix, "Virgin voyage, gotta have Sandman by my side. USS Higlander"
7. Paulson, Mike by Captain Shaw, "Proud and glad to have on Team Bold, Mike :)"
8. Castellanos, Al by Captain Hendrix, "Love to have Castellanos on my team, great player."
9. Buechler, John by Captain Shaw, "My wingman on the "Ricky Bold Rockshow Tour""
10. Slovensky, Mark by Captain Hendrix, "Going to chain him to his bed. Whiskey Row is burnt down!"
11. Seibal, Terry by Captain Shaw, "Shaf said the Seibel\'s are twins,am i right?"
12. Dunphy, Joe by Captain Hendrix, "Smartest golfer Ive seen. A master in single"
13. Dugas, Brad by Captain Shaw, "We might not be as pretty as their team,but we'll outweight them"
14. Crawford, John by Captain Hendrix, "A calming force to be reckoned with. Highlander Hero right here."
15. Killian, Bill by Captain Shaw, "There's a "Killer on the loose""
16. Byars, Capt by Captain Hendrix, "All work and no play, my man Ray!"
17. Ewing, Curt by Captain Shaw, "Curt,you can sleep with shaf this year!!"
18. Janisse, Dale by Captain Hendrix, "Love the old man, but I need a cart driver for my team."
19. Moats, Gene by Captain Shaw, "MOATS replaced ACTION: Action Jackson and Shaf in same group?? Click click boom!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
20. Gowan, Jim by Captain Hendrix, ""
21. Steinbeck, Walt by Captain Shaw, ""
22. Gawlik, Terry by Captain Hendrix, ""
23. Robertson, Matt by Captain Shaw, ""

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