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2009 Draft

1. Paulson, Mike by Captain Janisse, "Best golfer beer none."
2. Slovensky, Mark by Captain Mercer, "If I can get just get him out of his shell!"
3. Castellanos, Al by Captain Mercer, "The Jefe that welcomed me back in 03"
4. Seibal, Scott by Captain Janisse, "Sweet Caroline"
5. Dugas, Brad by Captain Mercer, "At least he won\'t be hung-over on Sunday"
6. Seibal, Terry by Captain Janisse, "Smoke and a blintz?"
7. Killian, Bill by Captain Mercer, "Getting strokes and not called Killer for nothing."
8. Shaffer, Rick by Captain Janisse, "Where's the golf course?"
9. Carr, Steve by Captain Mercer, "Brad needs a friend"
10. Ewing, Curt by Captain Janisse, "Scott! Terry! Heine! NOW!"
11. Semenza, Dustin by Captain Mercer, "Since you are bringing the 20 year olds."
12. Mendoza, Alex by Captain Janisse, "Need somebody on our team that doesn't drink...much...as much"
13. Fisher, Alan by Captain Mercer, "Awesome at Southern Dunes -- a tough course."
14. Crawford, John by Captain Janisse, "Will leave free beer (Heineken) all over the course."
15. Dunphy, Joe by Captain Mercer, "Will help me with the stripper's moms."
16. Pangborn, Jim by Captain Janisse, "Steel of the draft."
17. Jain, Vijay by Captain Mercer, "The Big Cat Destroyer"
18. Pickar, Rodger by Captain Janisse, "And that rounds out the drinking team... he drinks right?"

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